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The problems peculiar to the rural India require some innovative solutions to extend the  ruralbank1outreach of financial services to the rural areas. In particular, wireless communications using laptops, cell phones, etc. would come handy given the absence of or unreliable last mile telecommunication link in many areas. Given this scenario, it becomes imperative to make these solutions cost-effective by adopting novel technologies. URVI Research Labs attempts to describe the present status of different forms of wireless technology and the possible inbuilt-technology solutions that do not compromise on quality even while reducing the cost further

It would be desirable to converge the cellular and wireless technologies, standards and protocols which co-exist around the same frequency bands as they cater to similar end-user requirements. It would be of great help if these complimentary yet competitive technologies were to converge to operate simultaneously and allow the subscriber to choose between the technologies best suited for the type of application.

URVI Research Labs has been successful in converging such different communication technological platforms to deliver a standard and robust solution for the banking industry to expands its reaches in the far rural parts of the country. We have been able to deliver this keeping the utmost data security in place engaging L2TP/IPSec with 128/256 bit industry standard encrpytion from point to point.

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Millimeter Wave Radios Launching Soon!!!

Millimeter Wave Radios Launching Soon!!!

High-Throughput Meets Low Cost: The Etherhaul E-Band Millimeter Wave Radio A carrier class, 1 gigabit, award-winning, radio with the lowest price tag in the industry. Perfect for urban backhaul of macro, micro and pico cells and business service extension over millimeter waves/E-band. TCO (total cost of ownership) is reduced with on-board carrier Ethernet, carrier-grade resiliency, ultra-low power consumption and a small...

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